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E-co Energy Consulting


Saving and water About 50% of the daily requirement of water could be replaced with rainwater. This percentage is much higher for some industries.

There are many uses for which you can use rainwater:

  • Firefighting (storage tanks)
  • Toilet non-drinking (flushing cisterns urinals)
  • Garden irrigation or irrigation
  • Car Wash
  • industrial plants in general (cooling, washing, rinsing)

  • The essential components of a system are:

  • ystem collection - all the areas hit by the rain gutters, manholes, etc...
  • The filter - has the function to restrain and / or separate from the water all the material that would degrade the quality
  • The storage tank with access device "overflow"
  • The pump (except when the tank and placed on the roof)

  • E.co offers its expertise and professionalism to advise the client in selecting best plants.
    E.co S.r.l. according to those who are different regulations (or otherwise) of the ATO, and the general conditions and / or tariff determined and dictated by the municipalities, is also able in some cases to optimize the cost of supply of drinking water. Normally contracts that offer room for maneuver on spending are structured with a minimum guaranteed commitment.