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E-co Energy Consulting


Energy Audit The purpose of the audit is to analyze a production all energy consumption in an integrated manner and to propose solutions that allow us to obtain immediately a reduced-cost energy consumption in concert with the increasing prosperity of the people working at ' interior of the site itself and contribute to a broader view, to reduce the environmental impact due to the consumption of fossil fuels and the consequent production of greenhouse gases.

As a result of the audit will prepare a document containing the "as is" energy production site and the list of feasible energy saving measures. Any action proposed is shown:

  • The approximate cost
  • The forms of incentives can be enjoyed for its implementation (Green Certificates, White, 55% deduction, energy, etc. account.)
  • The annual energy savings achieved and the consequent reduction of CO2 into the atmosphere
  • The annual savings achieved with
  • The TdR payback time

  • Is a ranked list of the interventions on the basis of convenience and effectiveness of each of them and then more action plans are proposed, each determined by the joint implementation of one or more interventions.

    The action plan responds to the criteria of:

  • Consistency and coherence of actions
  • Feasibility of interventions
  • Convenience
  • Organizational problems
  • Aesthetic
  • Timing of realization
  • Business needs

  • Are taken into account and also those proposed interventions, maintenance tends to type, which although not specifically savings or energy production is considered should be undertaken in light of the actual state of the facilities and local regulations.