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E-co consuenza energetica


Both for the supply of electricity for gas activity is composed of 2 main steps:

  • Selection of the offer optimal supply
  • Analysis of the bills
    geothermal-power Given the dynamic nature of commodity markets is important to keep an eye on contracts for the supply of electricity and gas and, if possible, make them as flexible as possible so that it can be at any time to take advantage of market opportunities. Typically the duration of contracts is one year, in some cases it may be worth considering a different lifetime.

    Our goal is to help the customer to enter into the optimal contract with awareness. We therefore propose to "educate" the customer by providing all the tools and information necessary to enable it to take an independent decision on an informed basis.

    It 's clear that if the customer does not want or can’t devote time to the deepening of these markets we can, substituting for it, take the decision independently, although we believe that this is not the best solution.

    For the most "energy-" we can interface with the traders of the supplier, while remaining above the parties, the definition of an energy portfolio tailored.

    Energy-component Our intention is to ensure 100% customer bills that are received in accordance with the contract (for the energy component), the deliberations of the Authority (for voice transport, charges and dispatching system), the provisions of the Agency and customs (excise duties).

    For each bill, therefore, is the correctness of each item according to the following schedule:

  • Download from the Internet portal of the supplier hourly load curve,
  • With a specific algorithm, we reconstruct the consumption divided by time slot (so it also checks the correctness of the use applied by the supplier)),
  • Reconstruct the extent of the cost of each item from the consumption (reconstructed), the fees provided for by contract and by the fees provided by the Authority and the Customs
  • Compare the cost of each item restated by us with those indicated by the supplier in the bill
  • Send to offer a complete analysis highlighted errors
  • Ask the supplier to cover the balance of any errors in invoice

  • Costs-optimization-plan