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E-co consuenza energetica


Taxation'energy The manufacturing process, in accordance with Art. 26 of the Consolidated Law on excise duty, are entitled to the non application of the excise on electricity and gas supplies. This translates into savings of up to 10% of the cost of tax bills.

E.co Srl proposes to first check if there are conditions to take advantage of this facility and, if so, to follow all the necessary authorization process:

a. Determining the share of consumption of electricity and gas excluded from taxation
b. Determination of energy requirements based on the thermal transmittance of envelope surfaces in order to determine the proportion of heat used for heating
c. Assistance during the site inspection by the official of the 'Customs Agency
d. Upport in preparation of the documentation necessary to obtain the retroactive reimbursement of excise duty paid in 24 months (electricity and gas)
e. Preparation of the application for obtaining a license to electrical workshop for the payment of excise, for utilities subject directly to the Customs (for gas payment of excise duties, consumption of subjects, however, takes place via the supplier)

E.co is willing to consider a formula with the customer contract that provides for a remuneration proportional to the activity savings achieved by the customer for the exemption from excise duty. In this case, the customer can take advantage of significant savings with no added cost.

Saving-plan In general, customers have a production facility (eg Photovoltaics, Biomass) E.co offers:

E.co offre:

  • Preparation of workshop practice for obtaining electricity and assistance in keeping tax records, (assuming that they were available via the Web curves of energy produced and sold, it offers activities to complete, so informally, the log and send it from time to time by mail to the customer, the latter would then only the burden of manually copy the values ​​on the official register of Customs)
  • updating of technical tax changes that occurred
  • update of parameters, procedures and rates according to any new provisions
  • Drafting and submission of the Declaration of annual consumption to be transmitted electronically to the competent bodies
  • Calculation of the possible adjustments of excise duties
  • Calculation of the new installment of the monthly payment (annual) of excise duties
  • Sending a statement showing the payments to be made
  • assistance to the Customs Agency, even during audits, investigations, inspections arranged by those offices