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E-co Energy Consulting

ENEWABLE ENERGY: PV, biomass, biogas, wind, hydro

Renewable Energy The construction of a production of electricity or co-tri-generation requires specific expertise. Many times entrepreneurs in any field who have decided to build a plant are properly make decisions, economically important, without knowledge of the facts and blindly trusting the installation company.

E.co it aims to support the client with competence, remaining above the parties, in the calculation of TdR (recovery time), in choosing the most appropriate technology, materials and management of energy produced.

Specifically, the services offered are:

  • Calculation of TdR (Recovery Time) investment.
  • Preparation of specifications for indicating the technical specifications of materials used, method of installation, timing and bureaucratic
  • Development of a comparative table of the offer received, customer service in the selection of the best
  • Activity control during execution of works in accordance with the terms provided by the contract
  • Management of the bureaucracy, particularly in relation to the form of incentive: Energy Account, HP (green certificates), all-inclusive rate
  • analysis of the data of the plant and verify the correct operation of the same
  • transmission of a quarterly report with an indication of the energy produced, sold and self-consumed, the revenues and any anomalies
  • assistance to the institutions: GSE, Terna, ENEL, Agezia Customs
  • assistance in economic management of the energy produced